Quarantine Suite for flute quartet

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 music for flute quartet (fl1, fl2, afl, bfl) between jazz and modern classical  music.

 In the lockdown-stricken winter of 2021/2022 Vienna based jazz saxophonist  and flautist Sascha Otto decided to write music for flute quartet a musical  lineup that has largely been neglected as opposed to the much more common  string quartet. The result is a suite in 9 movements recalling a myriad of  moods we all had in those days oscillating between optimistic outbursts and  gloomy introspections - an interesting acoustic story alternating between jazz  and modern classical music, a musical journey into hitherto unprecedented  regions. Odd meters combined with rhythmic games of deception mingle with  eerie soundscapes echoing the ambiguous feelings the pandemic created in  every one of us. Enjoy!

 Sascha Otto    flute 1, flute 2, altoflute. bassflute

 Music composed  by Sascha Otto

 Recorded in ELSA, Eisenstadt

 mastered by Lukas Wilschko, lw sonics, Vienna 1140

 cover design by Swimmingpoolman

 1 Surfin On The 4th Wave

 2 Schichten 1 - Nix genaues weiß man nicht...

 3 An dieser Stelle

 4 Balkanesque

 5 Schichten 2 - Kennst di aus?

 6 Choral

 7 kurze Pinkelpause

 8 Schichten3 - Also was jetzt?

 9 Chromoklast

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